The Company of Captain Black

Day 3 (Nov 6, 2010)

Day 3

Let’s Go Camping!

(In the eyes of an Elf. Adventuring from Nov 6, 2010)

So we convince Captian Idiot to go to the other side of the island so we can check out this “worthwhile” camp. I personally didn’t care where we went, I just didn’t want to go back to shore until my stomach settled a little bit from our last visit. We ended up taking four of us to go check it out. Clickity clank Pale face in his scale armor, the walking trash can called our Paladin, Anuk who’s name I remember because he actually knew how to be quiet, and myself went on shore to see what was out there. At least this place didn’t smell bad. Although I’m pretty sure anyone within a mile radius of the trash cans heard us coming. When we got closer to the camp, we found signs of traffic surrounding these glowing plants. Then check this out. Along comes this Gnoll trying to be all stealthy. Someone should have told him that it’s dam near impossible to hide oneself in the middle of the road. He looked like a cat trying to sneak up on his pray using an acorn for cover. So I shot him in the knee as he passed in between Anuk and I. Turns out he’s one of the workers at this camp we’re trying to find. He was trying to smuggle some sort of golden idol out of the camp so his “Masters” wouldn’t get it.

After we got done telling him who his real master was, we told him to ready his Gnoll buddies for the time when the “God’s,” his true masters (us), come and destroy their masters. Then we sent him back to camp. Dumb bastard seemed to believe us. (I’ve never been a god before. It was quite fun actually. If you’ve never impersonated a god before you should really try it. One note though. Either be REALLY convincing, or make sure your audience is REALLY stupid. I like to think I was the latter, but I might be wrong.) Anyway, we eventually make our way to the camp.

Upon arrival, we decided to hang around for a while to try and figure out what we we’re dealing with. Wouldn’t you know it but the entire camp got up and walked into the forest. How convenient. So we take a stroll down into the camp to take a look around. Turns out they we’re indeed harvesting fruit. (It was around this time that I was thinking about a certain jailor who was going to die a very sudden and unexpected death. “Go to the other side of the island. It’ll be worth your time,” he says. Fucking idiot.) At this point, we decided to just take the fruit, leave a note that their goods we’re being confiscated by the Emissary, and hiked our asses back to the boat, now feeling like idiots carrying two big boxes of blue fruit. (We couldn’t leave empty handed.) What a waste of time I’m thinking to myself. Then Tarn, in all his tact, told us that the fruit juice was actually residueom. Not sure how to spell it, but it’s that stuff that you make magic items out of. So back to the camp we went. (The jailor can live… for now.)

So we get back to the camp but something just didn’t feel right. Annnnd that’s because there was a Gnoll ambush waiting for us. Gnoll’s are pussies though. We beat them down even without a healer. So ten or so dead Gnolls later, we finally see this dark dwarf come from behind one of the huts with his hands up. Can you believe when we told him to give us half of his business or die, he said he wasn’t sure?!? Anyway, we arranged to meet with him and his brother tomorrow morning to “discuss” the terms of his “new business partners”, or what type of execution he would like to have… It’s really up to him. All I know is I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.


ChainsawXIV ChainsawXIV

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