The Company of Captain Black

Damn... Mindflayers...

My Brain Tickles…

(In the eyes of an elf. Adventure log from Nov 20th, 2010)

So we’re supposed to be negotiating with the Dark Dwarves about their mana fruit business tomorrow morning. Well, more like taking their business from them, but details details… Ahh crap, hold on, someone’s calling.

(Moments later)

Apparently the Dwarves don’t know what morning is. One of them is apparently rowing out to the boat here in the middle of the night claiming peace and wants to talk now. Jesus, I just want to sleep. My gut tells me to wait till morning as agreed, but the rest of the guys want to go now. I’m gonna go check this out, I’ll be right back.

(An hour or so later.)

So I just had my first encounter with a mind flayer. Wow they’re ugly. After killing their horde of Drow Elves and mindless acolytes, and a couple of dwarves, we seemed to have passed some sort of interview. Letting Tarn do most of our talking, we seemed to have negotiated some sort slave trade for mana fruit. (Apparently there is a decent exchange rate between the two.) Now, if we just had some slaves to trade. They put a Drow Elf in our custody that we will be communicating through but that guy kind of gives me the creeps. It’s like he’s never truely in control of himself. He walks around with glazed look in his eyes that tells me they’re continuously watching us. So we put him in the ships jail. Seemed like the best place for him. The dwarf that lived however was in pretty bad shape. After the Mind Flayer stopped channeling his presence through the dwarf, he fell down onto the ground in a feable lump of humanity. (Note to self, don’t let a Mind Flayer control your mind. Doesn’t seem to ever work out well.) Anyhow, we now seem to be in the slaving business. Wonder if this means we can’t just kill the people who cross us? Do they have to be living? or can they just rez the heap of flesh we send them, THEN make them slaves? Guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I need sleep.

Day 3 (Nov 6, 2010)
Day 3

Let’s Go Camping!

(In the eyes of an Elf. Adventuring from Nov 6, 2010)

So we convince Captian Idiot to go to the other side of the island so we can check out this “worthwhile” camp. I personally didn’t care where we went, I just didn’t want to go back to shore until my stomach settled a little bit from our last visit. We ended up taking four of us to go check it out. Clickity clank Pale face in his scale armor, the walking trash can called our Paladin, Anuk who’s name I remember because he actually knew how to be quiet, and myself went on shore to see what was out there. At least this place didn’t smell bad. Although I’m pretty sure anyone within a mile radius of the trash cans heard us coming. When we got closer to the camp, we found signs of traffic surrounding these glowing plants. Then check this out. Along comes this Gnoll trying to be all stealthy. Someone should have told him that it’s dam near impossible to hide oneself in the middle of the road. He looked like a cat trying to sneak up on his pray using an acorn for cover. So I shot him in the knee as he passed in between Anuk and I. Turns out he’s one of the workers at this camp we’re trying to find. He was trying to smuggle some sort of golden idol out of the camp so his “Masters” wouldn’t get it.

After we got done telling him who his real master was, we told him to ready his Gnoll buddies for the time when the “God’s,” his true masters (us), come and destroy their masters. Then we sent him back to camp. Dumb bastard seemed to believe us. (I’ve never been a god before. It was quite fun actually. If you’ve never impersonated a god before you should really try it. One note though. Either be REALLY convincing, or make sure your audience is REALLY stupid. I like to think I was the latter, but I might be wrong.) Anyway, we eventually make our way to the camp.

Upon arrival, we decided to hang around for a while to try and figure out what we we’re dealing with. Wouldn’t you know it but the entire camp got up and walked into the forest. How convenient. So we take a stroll down into the camp to take a look around. Turns out they we’re indeed harvesting fruit. (It was around this time that I was thinking about a certain jailor who was going to die a very sudden and unexpected death. “Go to the other side of the island. It’ll be worth your time,” he says. Fucking idiot.) At this point, we decided to just take the fruit, leave a note that their goods we’re being confiscated by the Emissary, and hiked our asses back to the boat, now feeling like idiots carrying two big boxes of blue fruit. (We couldn’t leave empty handed.) What a waste of time I’m thinking to myself. Then Tarn, in all his tact, told us that the fruit juice was actually residueom. Not sure how to spell it, but it’s that stuff that you make magic items out of. So back to the camp we went. (The jailor can live… for now.)

So we get back to the camp but something just didn’t feel right. Annnnd that’s because there was a Gnoll ambush waiting for us. Gnoll’s are pussies though. We beat them down even without a healer. So ten or so dead Gnolls later, we finally see this dark dwarf come from behind one of the huts with his hands up. Can you believe when we told him to give us half of his business or die, he said he wasn’t sure?!? Anyway, we arranged to meet with him and his brother tomorrow morning to “discuss” the terms of his “new business partners”, or what type of execution he would like to have… It’s really up to him. All I know is I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.

Day 2 (Oct 23, 2010)
Day 2

Now we’re in business!

(Through the Eyes of Keyleth. Adventuring from Oct 23, 2010.)

God Captain Black is an idiot. I’d be surprised if he knew how to lace his boots right. Not only does he have no idea what he’s doing, he almost gets himself killed recruiting people in Good Hope. Guess I’m going to be hanging out with this group for a while though. Not too many places to go when you’re surrounded by water. So we sailed 6 days from Good Hope harbor to an island in the east so we could get supplies. Yes, supplies… He didn’t even have the ship ready to go when we got there. (Sigh) We pulled into the harbor only to see 3 other ships flying the New Silverheim flag. Oddly enough, one of the ships actually blacked out the name on the stern. We all found that quite odd, but continued on. As we took the longboat into shore, we passed a longboat leaving the dock with a few Dwarfs and some Goliath goons. I had never seen a Goliath up close before until I saw the first mate on Black’s ship. I just thought he was scarred from battle, or maybe there was some birth defect issues, but apparently they’ve all been beaten a few times with the ugly stick. In their longboat, they had something, more likely someone, hidden under a piece of cloth. Guess they’re in the smuggling business, who knows. Smuggling, kidnapping, not my problem unless they pay me to make it my problem. We ventured into town and the first mate started getting the supplies we needed. (Since Captain Black didn’t have very much luck with that back at Good Harbor, we left him on the boat this time.)

(As we get to shore…)

Wow this place is a shithole. Anyone ever heard of a broom? Or a bath for that matter. It has a certain stench in the air that makes my gag reflex act up. (Nothing like inhaling a deep breath of dirt sweat and feces to wake you up in the morning.) Anyways, while the first mate was getting our supplies, we took the opportunity to take a look around. While we were walking around, the Emissary of the Empire assigned to this island was leaving the jailhouse with the jailor. Apparently she was looking for someone and seemed quite annoyed that they weren’t at the jail. (Wonder where they went…? >.> <.>< >.> ) Then wouldn’t you know it. An Imp popped out of nowhere on her shoulder and told her to arrest the people that stole a ship from Good Harbor, then proceeded to try and describe us. The nerve. She tried to get the jailor to take us into custody until we threatened his life. He decided to turn down the snobby elf’s bribe of 12000 gold and leave her to clean up her own mess figuring if he was dead, he wouldn’t be able to spend it anyways. Smart move on his part. A couple minutes later we had 10 dead marines along side of miss snooty and a new pet Imp. Tarn ended up stuffing the prissy one into a bag. Priceless. The mage is beginning to grow on me.

After nicely arranging the bodies in some rather amusing positions inside the jail, off we went to buy a hat for Tarn’s new Imp. With a special hat now in progress for Tarn’s Imp, we headed back to the jail to see if the jailor was “back from lunch.” He informed us of a camp on the other side of the island that he said would be “Worth our while to pay a visit to”. He better not be full of shit or I’ll slit his throat while he sleeps. Oh god, speaking of shit, this smell is killing me. I gotta get back to the ship. At least I only have to smell the Goliath there.

The Flight From Good Harbor
Part One, Session One



  • 1200gp in ‘donations’ to the crew fund by your new recruits


  • 1350xp Each
The Adventure Begins...

Narrative given by Anukhemet

Having finished my meal, I got up from the table and informed my new captain and companions that I would see them on the ship; the hour was getting late and we were due to sail with the morning tide. “Good idea, Anuka… Anukee, err… whatever you said your name was.” The half-drunken captain slurred-out. “In fact, all three of you should head to the ship and report-in to my first-mate, Loralc. He’s a big fella – impossible to miss. I’ll be along after I finish with her. Err… I mean finish here.” Walking to the door I was able to glance the “her” Captain Black was interested in. Not nearly feral enough for my tastes, but then again, not many are in these ‘civilized’ lands.

My companions, an Elven Ranger & a Shadar-kai Wizard, and I made for the wharf and easily located the Upright Man at the end of the main dock. Loralc was indeed very easy to spot standing on the deck of the ship, barking orders to the crew. Introducing ourselves as we made our way up the gang-plank, Loralc promptly informed us where to bunk and that, as crew, we needed to help load the remainder of the supplies on-board. Neither of us felt like this was too unreasonable a request, so we stowed our gear and helped out. The wizard, who had a footman in tow, also had his man set up some form of alchemical lab in a section of the hold.

As we returned up to the deck, Loralc gestured to a good-sized pile of crates sitting on the dock and informed us that those were our provisions of food & drink. “If you want to eat you better haul that stuff onto the ship”, he said with impertinence. Liking to eat, it seemed like a perfectly reasonable idea to me and my companions. However, our focus quickly shifted to a patrol of Port Authorities heading down the quay.

“Ungh… this doesn’t look good”, the first-mate said with a nod in the direction of the oncoming patrol. “Where’s the Captain?” “Still in the tavern”, I said over my shoulder, as I headed down to the crates of goods. Although a couple of the patrolmen boarded another ship, it was clear that their leader and several others were heading straight for the Upright Man. “Do you want us to ‘take care of them’?”, the wizard asked nonchalantly, barely taking his eyes & mind off of the book he had been reading. “I doubt we’ll have much choice”, said the first-mate resigned to the situation.

“Crew of the Upright Man, stand down and prepare to be boarded”, announced the leader of the patrol haughtily – still a good distance from the ship. “That doesn’t make any sense”, the wizard replied with a slightly confused look on his face. “I’m going to cast a fireball down there, so you should probably leave now.” Apparently the patrol didn’t believe him, because they continued towards the ship. “Ok”, shrugged the wizard as he off-handedly tossed a flaming ball of death at them. During this short interchange the ranger, bow in hand, had taken the opportunity to position himself behind the railing of the forecastle. And, shortly after the fireball had landed on the dock below, loosed two arrows into the chest of the patrol leader – slowing him to a crawl. His underlings proceeded ahead of him in an attempt to engage those of us on the ship.

Realizing that my companions were not moving forward to tackle the patrol in melee, I positioned myself to intercept it before it could pass the crates of goods on the dock. Khopesh in-hand, I picked-out my prey and attacked him without mercy. This bought the wizard & ranger more time to unleash their own versions of death upon the out-classed patrolmen. Shifting to block their way up the gang-plank, I killed one patrolman and found myself soon confronting their leader. His sword fell upon me like a butcher’s cleaver – spilling pools of my blood upon the plank. Arrows flew accurately past my head into the body of my attacker – nearly depositing him into the drink. I glanced to my right to see that the wizard was keeping the others busy by blocking their way with various forms of elemental hazards. To my surprise he was also magically hauling our provisions up onto the ship. Apparently he had been doing this throughout the entire encounter, as the pile of goods on-deck had grown considerably.

The patrol was nearly destroyed, but not before their commander was able to hack into me once again – then the world went black. However, Anubis was far from done with me and fed life into my veins to continue the fight. Gratefully, my companions were able to finish-off the patrol’s leader, as we heard a commotion at the far end of the quay, growing louder. As we looked past the remaining attackers to see what new threat was approaching, the figure of our new captain was running flat-out towards us – followed closely by an angry mob of guards at his heels. “Cast off!”, the frantic captain shouted towards his ship’s crew. It was clearly apparent that we had out-stayed our tenuous welcome here in South Harbor.

The immediate threat destroyed, I shifted away from the remaining pair of attackers to begin untying the ship’s mooring lines. My companions had just finished off the last of the patrolmen , as our captain rushed up the gang-plank. We quickly moved away from the wharf to sail far from South harbor and its furious Port Authorities.

Our forced departure had left us with barely enough food to last two weeks, so Captain Black ordered the ship to head southwest toward a chain of islands where we could procure more. Luckily the journey was uneventful and we made port a week later on the Isle of Pondus.
As we dropped anchor in the bay we could see several ships flying the flag of Silverheim. Oddly, this seemed to make first-mate Loralc a bit nervous. When I inquired about this he made mention that his people were from the lands of Silverheim. “Problems then?”, I prodded further – making Loralc even more uncomfortable. “Shouldn’t be, as long as my mother’s not with them…”, he trailed off quietly in thought – a nervous frown showing on his otherwise stony face. I took this as my queue to leave and join the others boarding the longboat for shore.

On our way to shore, we passed another longboat heading towards the largest of the Silverheim ships. Strangely, her name had been blacked-out, which probably drew more attention to it than desired. We hailed the longboat as friends and asked if all was quiet ashore. According to their reply it was, yet the voice had tension in it. This encouraged us to peer a bit more closely at the Silverheim longboat, where we noticed a human-sized bundle covered by a tarp that moved just enough to give itself away to the keenest of our eyes. Perhaps this wasn’t going to be a simple restock after all…


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