The Company of Captain Black

The Flight From Good Harbor
Part One, Session One



  • 1200gp in ‘donations’ to the crew fund by your new recruits


  • 1350xp Each
The Adventure Begins...

Narrative given by Anukhemet

Having finished my meal, I got up from the table and informed my new captain and companions that I would see them on the ship; the hour was getting late and we were due to sail with the morning tide. “Good idea, Anuka… Anukee, err… whatever you said your name was.” The half-drunken captain slurred-out. “In fact, all three of you should head to the ship and report-in to my first-mate, Loralc. He’s a big fella – impossible to miss. I’ll be along after I finish with her. Err… I mean finish here.” Walking to the door I was able to glance the “her” Captain Black was interested in. Not nearly feral enough for my tastes, but then again, not many are in these ‘civilized’ lands.

My companions, an Elven Ranger & a Shadar-kai Wizard, and I made for the wharf and easily located the Upright Man at the end of the main dock. Loralc was indeed very easy to spot standing on the deck of the ship, barking orders to the crew. Introducing ourselves as we made our way up the gang-plank, Loralc promptly informed us where to bunk and that, as crew, we needed to help load the remainder of the supplies on-board. Neither of us felt like this was too unreasonable a request, so we stowed our gear and helped out. The wizard, who had a footman in tow, also had his man set up some form of alchemical lab in a section of the hold.

As we returned up to the deck, Loralc gestured to a good-sized pile of crates sitting on the dock and informed us that those were our provisions of food & drink. “If you want to eat you better haul that stuff onto the ship”, he said with impertinence. Liking to eat, it seemed like a perfectly reasonable idea to me and my companions. However, our focus quickly shifted to a patrol of Port Authorities heading down the quay.

“Ungh… this doesn’t look good”, the first-mate said with a nod in the direction of the oncoming patrol. “Where’s the Captain?” “Still in the tavern”, I said over my shoulder, as I headed down to the crates of goods. Although a couple of the patrolmen boarded another ship, it was clear that their leader and several others were heading straight for the Upright Man. “Do you want us to ‘take care of them’?”, the wizard asked nonchalantly, barely taking his eyes & mind off of the book he had been reading. “I doubt we’ll have much choice”, said the first-mate resigned to the situation.

“Crew of the Upright Man, stand down and prepare to be boarded”, announced the leader of the patrol haughtily – still a good distance from the ship. “That doesn’t make any sense”, the wizard replied with a slightly confused look on his face. “I’m going to cast a fireball down there, so you should probably leave now.” Apparently the patrol didn’t believe him, because they continued towards the ship. “Ok”, shrugged the wizard as he off-handedly tossed a flaming ball of death at them. During this short interchange the ranger, bow in hand, had taken the opportunity to position himself behind the railing of the forecastle. And, shortly after the fireball had landed on the dock below, loosed two arrows into the chest of the patrol leader – slowing him to a crawl. His underlings proceeded ahead of him in an attempt to engage those of us on the ship.

Realizing that my companions were not moving forward to tackle the patrol in melee, I positioned myself to intercept it before it could pass the crates of goods on the dock. Khopesh in-hand, I picked-out my prey and attacked him without mercy. This bought the wizard & ranger more time to unleash their own versions of death upon the out-classed patrolmen. Shifting to block their way up the gang-plank, I killed one patrolman and found myself soon confronting their leader. His sword fell upon me like a butcher’s cleaver – spilling pools of my blood upon the plank. Arrows flew accurately past my head into the body of my attacker – nearly depositing him into the drink. I glanced to my right to see that the wizard was keeping the others busy by blocking their way with various forms of elemental hazards. To my surprise he was also magically hauling our provisions up onto the ship. Apparently he had been doing this throughout the entire encounter, as the pile of goods on-deck had grown considerably.

The patrol was nearly destroyed, but not before their commander was able to hack into me once again – then the world went black. However, Anubis was far from done with me and fed life into my veins to continue the fight. Gratefully, my companions were able to finish-off the patrol’s leader, as we heard a commotion at the far end of the quay, growing louder. As we looked past the remaining attackers to see what new threat was approaching, the figure of our new captain was running flat-out towards us – followed closely by an angry mob of guards at his heels. “Cast off!”, the frantic captain shouted towards his ship’s crew. It was clearly apparent that we had out-stayed our tenuous welcome here in South Harbor.

The immediate threat destroyed, I shifted away from the remaining pair of attackers to begin untying the ship’s mooring lines. My companions had just finished off the last of the patrolmen , as our captain rushed up the gang-plank. We quickly moved away from the wharf to sail far from South harbor and its furious Port Authorities.

Our forced departure had left us with barely enough food to last two weeks, so Captain Black ordered the ship to head southwest toward a chain of islands where we could procure more. Luckily the journey was uneventful and we made port a week later on the Isle of Pondus.
As we dropped anchor in the bay we could see several ships flying the flag of Silverheim. Oddly, this seemed to make first-mate Loralc a bit nervous. When I inquired about this he made mention that his people were from the lands of Silverheim. “Problems then?”, I prodded further – making Loralc even more uncomfortable. “Shouldn’t be, as long as my mother’s not with them…”, he trailed off quietly in thought – a nervous frown showing on his otherwise stony face. I took this as my queue to leave and join the others boarding the longboat for shore.

On our way to shore, we passed another longboat heading towards the largest of the Silverheim ships. Strangely, her name had been blacked-out, which probably drew more attention to it than desired. We hailed the longboat as friends and asked if all was quiet ashore. According to their reply it was, yet the voice had tension in it. This encouraged us to peer a bit more closely at the Silverheim longboat, where we noticed a human-sized bundle covered by a tarp that moved just enough to give itself away to the keenest of our eyes. Perhaps this wasn’t going to be a simple restock after all…


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