The Company of Captain Black

Day 2 (Oct 23, 2010)

Day 2

Now we’re in business!

(Through the Eyes of Keyleth. Adventuring from Oct 23, 2010.)

God Captain Black is an idiot. I’d be surprised if he knew how to lace his boots right. Not only does he have no idea what he’s doing, he almost gets himself killed recruiting people in Good Hope. Guess I’m going to be hanging out with this group for a while though. Not too many places to go when you’re surrounded by water. So we sailed 6 days from Good Hope harbor to an island in the east so we could get supplies. Yes, supplies… He didn’t even have the ship ready to go when we got there. (Sigh) We pulled into the harbor only to see 3 other ships flying the New Silverheim flag. Oddly enough, one of the ships actually blacked out the name on the stern. We all found that quite odd, but continued on. As we took the longboat into shore, we passed a longboat leaving the dock with a few Dwarfs and some Goliath goons. I had never seen a Goliath up close before until I saw the first mate on Black’s ship. I just thought he was scarred from battle, or maybe there was some birth defect issues, but apparently they’ve all been beaten a few times with the ugly stick. In their longboat, they had something, more likely someone, hidden under a piece of cloth. Guess they’re in the smuggling business, who knows. Smuggling, kidnapping, not my problem unless they pay me to make it my problem. We ventured into town and the first mate started getting the supplies we needed. (Since Captain Black didn’t have very much luck with that back at Good Harbor, we left him on the boat this time.)

(As we get to shore…)

Wow this place is a shithole. Anyone ever heard of a broom? Or a bath for that matter. It has a certain stench in the air that makes my gag reflex act up. (Nothing like inhaling a deep breath of dirt sweat and feces to wake you up in the morning.) Anyways, while the first mate was getting our supplies, we took the opportunity to take a look around. While we were walking around, the Emissary of the Empire assigned to this island was leaving the jailhouse with the jailor. Apparently she was looking for someone and seemed quite annoyed that they weren’t at the jail. (Wonder where they went…? >.> <.>< >.> ) Then wouldn’t you know it. An Imp popped out of nowhere on her shoulder and told her to arrest the people that stole a ship from Good Harbor, then proceeded to try and describe us. The nerve. She tried to get the jailor to take us into custody until we threatened his life. He decided to turn down the snobby elf’s bribe of 12000 gold and leave her to clean up her own mess figuring if he was dead, he wouldn’t be able to spend it anyways. Smart move on his part. A couple minutes later we had 10 dead marines along side of miss snooty and a new pet Imp. Tarn ended up stuffing the prissy one into a bag. Priceless. The mage is beginning to grow on me.

After nicely arranging the bodies in some rather amusing positions inside the jail, off we went to buy a hat for Tarn’s new Imp. With a special hat now in progress for Tarn’s Imp, we headed back to the jail to see if the jailor was “back from lunch.” He informed us of a camp on the other side of the island that he said would be “Worth our while to pay a visit to”. He better not be full of shit or I’ll slit his throat while he sleeps. Oh god, speaking of shit, this smell is killing me. I gotta get back to the ship. At least I only have to smell the Goliath there.


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