The Company of Captain Black

Damn... Mindflayers...


My Brain Tickles…

(In the eyes of an elf. Adventure log from Nov 20th, 2010)

So we’re supposed to be negotiating with the Dark Dwarves about their mana fruit business tomorrow morning. Well, more like taking their business from them, but details details… Ahh crap, hold on, someone’s calling.

(Moments later)

Apparently the Dwarves don’t know what morning is. One of them is apparently rowing out to the boat here in the middle of the night claiming peace and wants to talk now. Jesus, I just want to sleep. My gut tells me to wait till morning as agreed, but the rest of the guys want to go now. I’m gonna go check this out, I’ll be right back.

(An hour or so later.)

So I just had my first encounter with a mind flayer. Wow they’re ugly. After killing their horde of Drow Elves and mindless acolytes, and a couple of dwarves, we seemed to have passed some sort of interview. Letting Tarn do most of our talking, we seemed to have negotiated some sort slave trade for mana fruit. (Apparently there is a decent exchange rate between the two.) Now, if we just had some slaves to trade. They put a Drow Elf in our custody that we will be communicating through but that guy kind of gives me the creeps. It’s like he’s never truely in control of himself. He walks around with glazed look in his eyes that tells me they’re continuously watching us. So we put him in the ships jail. Seemed like the best place for him. The dwarf that lived however was in pretty bad shape. After the Mind Flayer stopped channeling his presence through the dwarf, he fell down onto the ground in a feable lump of humanity. (Note to self, don’t let a Mind Flayer control your mind. Doesn’t seem to ever work out well.) Anyhow, we now seem to be in the slaving business. Wonder if this means we can’t just kill the people who cross us? Do they have to be living? or can they just rez the heap of flesh we send them, THEN make them slaves? Guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I need sleep.


ChainsawXIV Contender17

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